Business-Driven Software Engineering Fervento Business-Driven Software Engineering

A Business-First approach

What does that mean? We design solutions with Business Empathy, it means that we handcraft software technologies to fit your business goals.

Long-term vision? Fervento is a growth partner

Growth Partner

We design evolvable solutions foreseeing their impact on long-term business strategies.
Fervento can join, manage or support your team driving the collaboration and for growing success.

Need help with tech? Fervento offers personalized mentorship and training

Personalized Mentorship

With decades of experience as software practitioners, we offer technical mentoring.
We focus on building strong knowledge foundations and transfer real world experiences to our learners.

Using Our Experience To Make Your Digital Experience Brighter

We make innovation practical for companies and startups by embracing the philosophy of Business-Driven Software Engineering.

We guide you through a personalized innovation path, whether you are starting from a new idea, a changed business need or a legacy system.

We lower the barrier of the technical jargon by adopting collaborative requirements sessions and empathizing with your business needs. Our approach delivers customized software solutions with high added value reducing the innovation risk.

Fervento experience centers the target
How We Help

Specific challenges require specific solutions

Fervento reduces the risks of projects

Valuable Interaction

We reduce the risk of a project getting stuck by involving the stakeholders in an iterative agile process.

Fervento research and development

Passion for R&D

We are devoted to a continous R&D activity on latest tech that we shape in production grade products.

Fervento masters technologies

Technology Proficiency

We can design scalable microservice architectures, mixing different programming languages, frameworks and cloud platforms.

Fervento has open minds

Open Minds

We empower your business designing solutions for changes and product evolutions.

Sucess Story in Bioinformatic

Partnership with Sequentia Biotech

Sequentia Biotech is a bioinformatics company that offers services and technologies that help transform genomic data into knowledge in academic research, plant and animal breeding and biomedicine.


Supporting the company in building a novel product, supervising software activities, developing critical software components.


Democratize bioinformatics, ensuring every researcher can perform their own genomics data analysis quickly, efficiently and in a more affordable way.

Fervento supported the design and development activities of a bioinformatics team by offering the missing software architecture and software engineering capabilities.

Key benefits and results

We built flexible architecture to develop new Products, this allowed to change the cloud provider (from Amazon AWS to Google GCP) in one night, moreover a spin-off product, targeting a different customer base was added in four months

The service scales as the number of analyses performed by the users, so as the service revenues.
A solution for monitoring and handling errors assures in case of failures the business continuity.

The analyses run in virtualized and stable environments to keep low maintenance costs.

Fervento and Sequentia Biotech
Fervento and IVM
Sucess Story in Railway

Partnership with IVM

IVM - Innovative Vibration Monitoring, develops monitoring and diagnostic systems for the railway industry. IVM’s products require multidisciplinary skills and advanced engineering competences.


Supporting the company in building a novel product, supervising software activities, developing critical software components.


Continously improve railway safety using any train as a smart device.

Fervento supported the design and development activities of a multidisciplinary team encompassing problems related to: hardware, firmware, distributed systems, data analytics and big data.

Key benefits and results

We built flexible architecture to add new Features, for instance a spin-off product, requiring a new system use case (the railway-side acquisition), was added in one month.
The architecture allows to plug new sensors anytime to meet hardware vendors changes.

Data transfers use multiple interfaces to anticipate system evolutions requiring any bandwidth.
Big-Data storage solution supports multiple indexes to meet unforeseen requirements for new data analyses.

A sophisticated distributed algorithm monitors the system for self-diagnosis and recovering.

Sucess Story in Travel Industry

Partnership with Caleido Group

Caleido Group has been active for more than forty years in the high/medium-end tailor made tourism sector offering high quality services for consumersand business travel. Caleido Group and Fervento are developing a business-critical cloud application for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.


Supporting the company in revolutionizing its IT platform, managing software outsourcing, designing IT infrastructure, reduce costs, develop the cloud architecture and critical software components.


Innovate the tourism sector to return to the tailoring of the past, exploit advanced technological tools that ensure efficiency and speed associated with extreme attention to detail

Fervento supported the design and development activities of a medium size company. Bringing to the table open minds allowed for the use of new techs that increased and streamlined internal processes and business flows.

Key benefits and results

We built an evolvable architecture designed for World-Wide diffusion. A microservice architecture based on OpenAPI paved the way for hundreds of third-party APIs integrations.

We provide high availability for uninterruptible profit-making services by creating circuit breakers that isolate down-times of third-party content providers and guarantee business continuity.

High Performance have been reached to get a remarkable competitive advantage: sophisticated asynchronous communications and scalable backend tied to a performant NoSQL database have been designed to maximize daily operation and productivity.

Fervento and Caleido Group